Breakfast in Taipei (早餐台北)

十一月 16, 2010

Traditionally the Taiwanese people start their days early.  After reviewing online reviews, I decided to make the extra effort and wake up really early (for someone my age, waking up at 6:00 is probably considered early…) to visit these legendary breakfast places.

Source that prompted my visit to this place:


Our first review

I remember walking pass by this street in 2009, and my first thought was “I am sure there are places selling good food here."  What did I know?  My instinct about food is actually pretty accurate.  There are actually several good breakfast places like this one on the east side of 杭州南路 intersecting 愛國東路.  Here is a Google Map for the exact location:


He is the guardian of Chinese donuts...

You will most likely see this old man sitting there if you decided to swing by.  I walked pass him at least four different mornings, and he was always there.  I call him the guardian of Chinese donuts, although he did fall asleep from time to time…

Their Chinese donut is pretty good.  Freshly fried, crunchy (a bit must for me), and not too salty yet tasty.

You also want to try out their soy-milk.  It is by far the most colorful soy-milk I have drank in my entire life.  If I am to describe it – I would call their soy-milk the “deep fried version of all soy-milks."  Why?  Their soy-milk has this burnt taste in there, very much like adding a kick to a otherwise very smooth and tasty breakfast milk substitute.

Price-wise, it is very cheap and reasonable.  Personally I would still visit this place even if the price doubles.

What can you do after breakfast?  This place is right across Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall.  A walk through the memorial hall can take up to 20 minutes, or you can simply cross the street and visit another breakfast place… (to be continued.)


Crunchy breakfast...


Reasonably priced


Busy place in the morning


From across the street


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