Breakfast in Taipei (早餐台北) Part 2

十一月 19, 2010

Chinese style bread at door

Chinese style bread at door

I had the great pleasure to visit a few breakfast places during my short stay in Taiwan.  Here is the second place I would recommend if anyone is going to Taipei for a few days.  (These places are worth visiting even if you are stopping by for a connection flight.)

The weirdest thing is that they are all in close proximity.  Naturally for those who know about the Competitive Advantage (by Michael Porter) would know that location is one key factor in the restaurant business.

The place I am reviewing now is at a stone’s throw from my previous review.  Here is the Google map for those who know how to read maps:

What is good here?  Their soy-milk is pretty good, and everything you see outside is good, too.  However, if I come here again, I would once again order their Xiao Long Bao.  To my surprise (not so surprising though) they actually have really good Xiao Long Bao’s here.  Forget about going to Din Tai Fung – the line up is long although the food is very good there.  If you come here, you will get your Xiao Long Bao within 10 minutes after ordering.

Xiao Long Bao!

Xiao Long Bao!

I am a big fan of eating huge portion breakfast.  However, I found that to be very inefficient if my goal is to maximize the chance to taste different food in town.  Because of that, I did not order a huge selection, instead, I ordered the salty cake only.

Crunchy outside, hot and salty inside, tasty!

Crunchy outside, hot and salty inside, tasty!

What?  You want a comparison between this and the previous post (here)?  I am telling you:  these two breakfast places do not compare.  We are talking about apples and oranges here (although personally I love oranges more.)

Here are some more pictures of this little treasure I found on a Sunday morning.




Price list


From my first visit


Xiao Long Bao closed up



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